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Make Your 2022 Beach Season Easy with the Zoom Buggy!

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Ever had those moments at the beach when you wish you had an electric utility beach cart to lug your gear to that perfect spot? Between a cooler, beach chairs, umbrellas and a radio, you probably have to make a few trips.


Well, you’ve come to the right place. Zoom Buggy® is an electric, motorized utility cart perfect for the beach — and in any scenario. It’s a motorized electric utility beach cart that’s handy, whether it is at play or at work. It’s also a collapsible rolling cart that will easily fit into the trunk of your car.


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Zoom Buggy® is not just great for the beach. You can use it for:
  • Hauling sporting equipment for tennis, football, baseball, soccer, etc.
  • At picnics
  • While camping, particularly for RV’s and motor homes
  • When fishing and hunting
  • To carry tools
  • At craft fairs and trade shows
  • For hauling groceries
  • Moving photographic equipment for photo shoots
  • Use at your vacation home
  • And so much more!

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Zoom Buggy® is not only portable, it’s it’s a utility cart that’s lightweight so anyone can use it. It moves easily in sand, grass or other difficult surfaces because of its wide wheels.


It’s fantastic for city dwellers and those who live in high-rise apartment buildings. It can easily maneuver heavy, awkward gear over most terrain and the wheels will not sink or plow on sand.

The Zoom Buggy® Electric Utility Beach Cart is so versatile, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!